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Those of you that know me really well…know that I LOVE chippies!  Shhhh it’s a secret – but when Sarah stays at Nana’s overnight I usually have them for my dinner…..Sshhhh!!

Recently when filling out a Secret Sister Questionnaire – I said on it that I love Chippies…….and yesterday – I got a bag of Chippies in the post from my Secret Sister!!  Giggle Giggle.  I was really excited. 

Here I am with my chippies…..although now they are all gone 😦   Gobbled by the Chippie Monster.

I also received this great little hand-made Shoe…..which I just love.  I wanna make them now too.  That was filled with some lovely foot pampering products.  Cute man.

Thank you to my Big Sister for these treasures. 

Ohhh and here is a pic of my Husband – with a teasing little “I’m gonna nick off with your Chips” look on his face.  He was teasing me cause I was so excited over a bag of chips….. but he does not know that I put this pic on here of him!!  Hehehehe