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Those of you that know me really well…know that I LOVE chippies!  Shhhh it’s a secret – but when Sarah stays at Nana’s overnight I usually have them for my dinner…..Sshhhh!!

Recently when filling out a Secret Sister Questionnaire – I said on it that I love Chippies…….and yesterday – I got a bag of Chippies in the post from my Secret Sister!!  Giggle Giggle.  I was really excited. 

Here I am with my chippies…..although now they are all gone 😦   Gobbled by the Chippie Monster.

I also received this great little hand-made Shoe…..which I just love.  I wanna make them now too.  That was filled with some lovely foot pampering products.  Cute man.

Thank you to my Big Sister for these treasures. 

Ohhh and here is a pic of my Husband – with a teasing little “I’m gonna nick off with your Chips” look on his face.  He was teasing me cause I was so excited over a bag of chips….. but he does not know that I put this pic on here of him!!  Hehehehe

4 thoughts on “Chippies!!!”

  1. What a lovely photo of you Chantell! You looked stoked! Do you remember Gobbledocks? If not, google them. They are chippie monsters. Chippie monsters are real, we have them in my house too.

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