Just Add Ink # 599 – Just Add your Favourite Animal!

Happy Easter everyone,

This week the Just Add Ink Challenge is Just Add Your Favourite Animal!
This Challenge has made me realise that I don’t really think I have a favourite Animal.

I mean I like lots of different Animals for different reasons. Like Giraffe’s because they seem awkward and graceful, Zebra’s, amaze me as all their stripes can be different patterns, Monkeys are cute, curious and very clever.

Cats are my type of house animal and I love mine snuggling up on the end of my bed. Birds and Fish are so colourful and fun to watch……ohhh what about Cow’s? Or Pig’s? Pigs are cute, when I was little we had heaps of them and I used to try to pat their noses. Penguins are cute too and little goats and rabbits…….ohh the list is endless!

So for this Challenge, I decided to look at my Stamp Sets to see what Animal Stamps I have. I quickly landed on the Fabulous Flamingo Stamp Set (Retired). I teamed it up with the On The Horizon Stamp Set to make my card.

I used some enamel Pebbles and a little flower die to embellish the card.

The Design Team have put together some great Animal cards. Follow this link to Just Add Ink to see them and perhaps with a few days off for Easter, you can join the Challenge too.

I know I will be doing a bit of Crafting, as I have Nadine visiting. We have already spent one day crafting and have a few more planned. We have visited a couple of crafty stores to gather supplies and seen a bit of Perth while we have been out and about.

Here are our girls – Honey and Silver. I’m sure you can tell which is Honey and which is Silver.