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JAI # 263 – Just Add Weddings!

Hello….it’s been a while huh?

I don’t even know when I posted something last.  But I am back now.

So time for a new Just Add Ink Challenge.  This week it is Just Add Weddings!  And it’s a great Challenge to get back into the swing of things.  I thought – I did not have many Wedding things in my craft area…..but now I think I do.  I made a card using some Stamps I have had for a long long time.  They are called Jessica and Jack.  They are quite versatile because you can dress them and accessorize them to fit any occasion.  Here is my Wedding card with Jack and Jessica…..

Over the last few weeks I have also been working on making a Topiary Tree – which I also think fits this challenge quite well.  It took a long time to make all those flowers but I was happy with the overall effect.
DSC00006So get working on your Weddings projects and share them with us at Just Add Ink.


10 thoughts on “JAI # 263 – Just Add Weddings!”

  1. How funny I have had these two stamps in my mind for a while now thinking how I have not used them in a-g-e-s. Love what you have done with them. The Topiary tree is stunning — what are you going to do with it ??

  2. The topiary tree is wonderful but the card is adorably cute and I got a real smile when I scrolled down and saw that gorgeous couple with the little pink flowers and veil. Great card!

  3. Jack and Jessica are completely adorable! I love the little piece of tulle you added to her hair. Your topiary tree is stunning! It definitely fits the challenge, so glad you shared it with us. A real labour of love.

    So nice to have you back again. I missed you. xox

  4. Such a fun & funky card, Chantell, guaranteed to bring a smile to any bride to be. And, wow! The topiary tree is totally gorgeous. Those flowers must have taken ages to make. Love the colour combination you’ve used. Beautiful!
    Di 🙂

  5. Jack and Jessica are a cracker Chantell – very unique and fun for a wedding! Your topiary tree is utterly gorgeous, love the colours and the different flower detailings. xxx

  6. Jack and Jessica are so cute and and fun – I too love her veil addition:-) And your topiary tree is absolutely stunning!! Such a lot of gorgeous details in each flower and love your colour combo too xx

  7. Wow Chantell, your Topiary tree is so beautiful, such an elegant project and worth every minute of your time!
    It’s lovely to see you creating again. Xx

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