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Just Add Ink # 229 – Inspiration Challenge

I just love the look of this Challenge – and I am really looking forward to seeing what everyone creates.  It’s an inspiration Challenge – and that means you look at the pic and then use it for inspiration for your project.  Here is this pic:





Great colours aye?  Rainbow are so magical and always a favorite.  Here is my project:

DSC00015 (2)




I made these flowers ages ago – way back in March actually.  And I think they fit this Inspiration Challenge perfectly.   I used them as decorations on the table at Sarah’s Birthday party.

When I asked her what type of part she wanted she said “A Rainbow party:……”no no no a dress up party:…….”no no no, a sparkle party”

So it was settled…….we had a Rainbow, sparkle, dress up party!!

Here’s some pics from the day.



Cool – lovely birthday memories.

We would love you to have a go at this Inspiration Challenge too.  Have a go at Just Add Ink, and check out all the Design Team projects for further inspiration.

5 thoughts on “Just Add Ink # 229 – Inspiration Challenge”

  1. I love the party photos Chantell and hearing how the rainbow, sparkle dress up party evolved! The rainbow flowers would have been a wonderful decoration for it. xxx

  2. Super cute idea to combine them all Chantell, Sarah is one lucky little poppet to have such a clever mum..:0)
    Love that you thought outside the box for this challenge (bonus that they were pre-made)..:0) xx

  3. Looks like such a fun party with all of your flowers and sparkly cupcakes and treats in the rainbow theme! sounds like you have a girly girl on your hands : ) Great project and a fab take on the theme!

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