Created for Sarah


Over the last couple of weeks we have redecorated Sarah room.  It’s pink, it’s pretty and very girly.  Sarah was so so excited when she walked into her new room.  She did not know that we were planning it so it was a big big surprise.  All the hard work was done by Neil while Sarah and I were on holiday in NZ.


I do like this pic of Neil showing Sarah how the feature lights around her mirror work – they have a little remote control so you can choose from about 12 different colours, fades, flashes and brightness – so cool. 

Sarah jumped for joy when she saw it all.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 

Prior to all the hard work (and our holiday) I decorated the letters of Sarah’s name to go up on her wall.  I was wrapped with how they turned out.  It looks great up on the wall with the butterflies around it too.


DSC00159 DSC00155



2 Responses to Created for Sarah

  1. Bronwyn says:

    Oh wow! What a gorgeous surprise for Sarah. Love all the ‘love’ that went into it. TFS.

  2. Kim says:

    OMG — well done Neil — this looks amazing. A pink room perfect for Sarah. I bet she loves going to bed.

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