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JAI # 170 Just Add Leaves


This week I have been working on a 3D C – for Chantell.  I decided to add some leaves to it as decoration.  To fit with the DSP I decided to just stick with White leaves. 

This was a fun project to put together and a great Challenge to Just Add Leaves.  Perhaps you want to Just Add Leaves too?  Go to Just Add Ink and check out the other Just Add Leaves projects there. 

DSC00144 DSC00145

Challenges, Just Add Ink

JAI # 169 – Inspirational Photo

Wow – you should see this Photo – it’s just beautiful……and it’s also our Inspiration for Just Add Ink this week. 


Look at those colours!!  Aren’t they awesome.  Don’t you wish you were there?  
Those kid’s look like they are have loads of fun.

Here is the Card I put together using this Pic as Inspiration.

 DSC00017 (2)

The Just Add Ink Team have made some beautiful cards all inspired by this pic too…..go to Just Add Ink to check them out.  And also upload your card or project too.

I actually made another card inspired by this pic – here it is:

DSC00016 (3)

3D, Challenges, Just Add Ink

JAI # 168 – Sketch Challenge

Yes – I know, it’s true…..I have not blogged since April!  I could offer you a list of excuses cause I can think if quite a few….but I think it would be better if I just got on with it instead.

So – at Just Add Ink – we are up to Challenge # 168.  It’s a sketch challenge by Mae. 


This was a great sketch and I had several idea’s in mind – but I ended up going with this card……

DSC00010 (3)

Originally I had my birdhouse more of a diamond shape – but then I changed it a bit….well actually my husband changed it (before it was stuck together).  I love it when I secretly get him carding……heehee don’t tell him.


DSC00012 (3)

So have a go at this Sketch Challenge.  Here is a link to Just Add Ink – so you can share your project and check out others.  You will see there are loads of possibilites.

Oh and while I am here – I thought I would post my last weeks JAI Challenge – the Challenge was Just Add Fabric (although the challenge is closed now) I really liked how these came out.

I made some fabric and paper flowers and decorated some pegs, that I put on magnets.  They came out great and are very colourful.

DSC00003 DSC00006 (2)