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JAI # 127 – Colour Challenge

It’s a Colour Challenge this week at Just Add Ink.  And it’s a fun one too.  Here are the colours:

Hmmmm Black, White and which colour will you choose?

Well I chose Real Red.  And I went for a 3D project.  I made some Fridge Magnets with some felt.

They are really cute – the magnets are also little clips that you can attach things to like your kids art work or maybe your To Do List.  One of my friends said to me she thought they were too pretty for Bills!!  LOL!

So get your favourite colour out and put it with some Black and White and show us what you have made.  Go to Just Add Ink and upload your project.

These were a really fun and fast projects to put together.   In actual fact – I got quite carried away making them and soon found I had a fridge full of magnets.

I also put some onto Hair Ties and Clips.

3D, Challenges, Just Add Ink

JAI # 125 – Just Add Winter

Brrrrrrrrr – well I think we are all feeling the chills of Winter around here.  So this is the perfect challenge for this time of year.  Just Add Winter.

When I was thinking about what I was going to do for this challenge – I instantly thought of a card with snow all over it……or a snow man or……..skiing or something.  But the more I thought about it – I realised that Snow – although it’s a winter thing – was not part of the type of winter I was used to. 

I mean, the place I come from – the middle of the North Island of NZ gets really really cold.  As I used to walk to bus stop to catch the school bus – I used to stop along the way to break the ice on top of all the puddles – so by the time I got to school my toes were frozen.  

Then after leaving school – I used to drive to work – on very cold foggy foggy mornings – where you could not see more than a few feet in front of you.  I did not have a heater in my little car and had to use a rag to wipe the window as I went.

And where I grew up – sometimes the ground in the morning is so thick with frost that it is as white as white. 

So as I put these projects together I was mainly thinking about the feeling of the coldness, freezing rosy cheeks, running nose, the dew that settles on cars, trees or grass, frosting of the windows and the white breath that comes out on those very cold mornings.  That is what winter means to me.

Here are my Just Add Winter Projects.

I made a couple of little luminaries and a matching card.  I’ve used colours that to me depict winter.

Winter is the perfect time to create so we hope you join us this week!   Visit Just Add Ink to see what the Design Team has put  together or to post your own creations.

This pic shows the glitter that I added to the card that kinda looks like frost to me.