Just Add Ink # 76 – Inspiration

Now here’s a challenge for you…..it’s an Inspiration Challenge.  That means we at Just Add Ink will show you a Picture and you use it as Inspiration to put your project together.

Here is the Picture…….Makes you hope you were on Holiday aye?

Here is the project I made…………..

My idea was to kinda use the colours and shapes – with the Sea and Sky on the right and the building on the left.  I thought the stitching kinda represented the rought iron bits and the pleated card represented the shutters and the different parts of the building.  The flower represents the flowers around the balcony.  I have been wanting to have a go at pleating some card for sometime.  After making the I made another flower and dressed it up with a bit of ribbon and a tag.

Here is the link to Just Add Ink – so you can have a go too.  And also check out the other wonderful Design Team Creations.


9 Responses to Just Add Ink # 76 – Inspiration

  1. Paula Dobson says:

    Absolutely LOVE that flower Chantell! Your card encorporates all the colours and elements from the photo beautifully ♥

  2. This is such a beautiful take on the inspiration challenge this week. I love the flower and the sewn, pleated DSP – such great features.

  3. I love this card Chantell. It is just so pretty. I love the black stitching and the flower. Theresa x

  4. Kim Badelt says:

    Love the gentle colours in your card Chantell. The flowers is absolutely gorgeous and dressed up beautifully!

  5. Lynda says:

    (insert wistful far away sigh….) It reminds me so much of the Greek Islands Chantelle….thanks for bring back wonderful memories!! You have done such a magical job on this card. The flower is the hero for me…and I also love the pleated paper. Beautiful card.

  6. Susan Joyce says:

    Very pretty card Chantell. Gorgeous flower.

  7. Kathy Tanner says:

    Beautiful card Chantell! I love the flower and pleated paper too. So inventive and wonderful!

  8. nikki spencer says:

    This one made me go …WOW! your flower is amazing and the pleated DSP is a very cool effect, the colours, the layout, all the elements combined make a simply beautiful card Chantell!

  9. Marlena M says:

    I am so glad you zoomed in…I love that special border! Your card is lovely. 😉

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