Party Party Party…..

This week, my littlie is turning 5!
I can’t believe it – where has the time gone?   So it’s time for us to celebrate.

I made some special invites for her – as we had a Princess / Pink themed party.

I was going to help her hand them out at school….however she firmly told me “I can manage by my own”!  So off she went with her invites to deliver them to her friends.
I did a few different colours.  Here they all are……

Here’s the Birthday Girl, after blowing out her candles – everyone was singing Happy Birthday. 

How’s this for a cake?

We had a great party – and I think we are all quite tired now – well I know I am anyway!   Haa haa ha


6 Responses to Party Party Party…..

  1. Delys says:

    So cool!!!! Love the cake and the invites Chantell!

  2. Paula Dobson says:

    What a cool Birthday party for your wee girl!! The party invites are gorgeous – and that cake!!! Yum!

  3. Wendy says:

    WOW Chantell! The invites are very cool (even better IRL!) but that cake is awesome! Glad your littlie had a lovely day!! Wendy 🙂

  4. Jodene says:

    Those invites are simply adorable! I hope that Sarah had a wonderful day. Did you make the cake? It is amazing!!

  5. How gorgeous, and girly! What a cake – that is FABULOUS!!

  6. Gosh, thats a lot of invites, did you sleep in the last few weeks?
    They look fabulous Chantell, but that cake is devine…YumYumYum!
    I hope it all went well, looks like it she’s loving it!

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