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Christmas Project # 1

Hey – Happy New Year everyone!    Hope you all had a great New Year Celebration.       We are already 3 days into the New Year and it’s back to work tomorrow for me.  As my husband said to me this morning….Time waits for No-one!I have been meaning to post a couple of Christmas Projects that I made last month – but wanted to wait until they had all be given to the people that I made them for…..now that they have been I can show you.

The first is a Christmas Decoration.  You may remember that I went to a Team Dinner at the end of November where we all exchanged Secret Santa gifts – Well….one of the ladies received one of these – and I really loved it, so had to case it.

Because it’s long – it’s kinda hard to photograph – so I have taken individual pic’s of each of the rosettes.

Here are the ones I made up – all packed up and ready to give out.  I really enjoyed making these and I think my Family & Friend liked them too.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Project # 1”

  1. These were just gorgeous IRL!!! Very pretty and I LOVE that ribbon!! Oh and really sorry its back to work for YOU tomorrow (haha) .. not for me!!! Happy New Year and see you next week!!! Wendy 🙂

  2. mememememe — I got one and I love it — all my Xmas stuff is away except for this — I could not just out it away without giving it some time hanging out — ayear is a long to time put something away for. I also loved the calender and the missing Dec — how funny. I will look forward to getting that when you get them made. I keep looking at my table and thinking I should get my stuff all back out again but the heat just puts me off creating right now. But I know I have to now that the new challenges have started. hugs again Chantell you are so clever. xxxx

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