Wow – you should see this!!

I just got home from work – well about 20 mins ago and I got this………

It’s just the most awesome Christmas Card.  Made by my friend Kim. It’s fantastic.  I love the punch art, colours, glitter – the lot.

Thank you very much Kim – I love it.


4 Responses to Wow – you should see this!!

  1. Sarah Klass says:

    😮 Wow and wow! That’s amazing! Is this her Christmas card design in general or are you just REALLY special to get one?!

    Either way, stunning!

    S x

  2. bronheslop says:

    What a sexy Rudolph! He is so cool! What a lovely friend… but well deerved, Chantell. Merry Christmas!

  3. Kim says:

    I am so glad you liked it — I only made 4 like this — only special people got them – I had to make Nadine a different one as she had seen this.

  4. I loved this wonderful card that you received. I had to case it for a couple of cards I had to do. We were planning on using the reindeer that I have on my cards and the design of this card made it so easy to know what to do. Thank you to your friend for making it and thank you for sharing the card.
    I hope you will give me case a look.

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