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Just Ink and Paper

While I was Blog Surfing the other day I came across the Inkspiration Colour Challenge.  I quite liked the sound of the colours and thought (since I’m being a Brayer’er at the moment)….Mmmm – I could Brayer those.   So away I went.  

The colours are:

I actually made a couple of Cards.  And I like them both although this is more the look I was going for.

And the thing that I found interesting about this was that by the time I did my Brayer background, stamping and 3D imagey thing – I decided that I did not want to add any embellishments.  So there it is… Just Ink & Paper!!

If you’re wondering – here’s the other card I did.

So I was going for the 3D kind of look here too….but I did not really work.  I did it on Glossy Card – and spritz my flower image with water before I stamped it so it would slide around a bit.  But as I say – it didn’t work.  Also….NOTE TO SELF – Don’t Brayer on Glossy card again!!

17 thoughts on “Just Ink and Paper”

  1. You don’t need a sentiment on this card, it makes it’s own stunning statement!!! Love your 3D effect, amazing! Strangely enough, I brayer better on gloss, weird huh? ;P

    Lee x

  2. Hi Chantell
    Love your first card. When I had lessons many years ago on using the brayer we used gloss card first and I only use gloss card when I brayer!! The finish is always soft and smooth and if you do it right even.

    1. Mmmmm – perhaps I need more practice then? I found it coloured quickly which I liked – but it took me ages to get it smooth and without lines – which I didn’t like. Will keep working on it.

  3. Wow Chantell, this is really gorgeous! I admire people like you who can use the brayer effectively…no matter how many times I play with it I have to file my work in the bin!!! lol Both of these cards are amazing, I love them both.
    love sally 🙂

  4. Beautiful! Love what you’ve done with these colours, and I really like the ‘slidey’ effect of the image on your second card. Don’t give up on brayering on glossy card … I find it more forgiving than on matte card.

  5. WOW!! I’m almost lost for words Chantell. What a gorgeous card andI just love this stamp set, one of my faves.

    Have a great day

  6. Wooooow….! Talk about making something stunning out of ink and paper! I like both versions of your cards. You used this stamp set in a stunning way! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. I love this card. I am a new demonstrator. Can you tell me how to brayer like this please.
    I’d like to give it a try.

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