There is much excitement in my house!

Ohhhh arrggghhh!! There has been a buzz around here… all started when I heard something at the front door and went out to find a big box addressed to ME!!!
I picked it up and raced inside….I instandly knew it was from my Secret Sister – Julia Miller. Ohhh Ohhh I could not wait to get it open!!

The box was filled with lots of lovely hand-made goodies for me – and a HUGE bag of Chippies too. Thank you so much Julia. I love it all.
Here are some pics of them.
* A cute card
* A lovely little box of ribbons – it has a see through window in the front and is covered in hearts.
* A cool flower pot shaped packet with flower mix inside.
* A fabulous mini album – which I will have to CASE cause it is so neat.
* And a wonderful circular container with Hodge Podge inside.

Thank you Julia.

2 Responses to There is much excitement in my house!

  1. Leonie says:

    That is a cool gift!

  2. Tania Gould says:

    How lovely! What a beautiful day to open a package with all those beautiful things inside!

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