Teacher Gifts

Well Christmas is fast approaching…..only 5 more sleeps to go you know!  We have a very excited little person in our house….although the wait (for her) seems to be taking forever. 

Last Friday we took some Teacher Gifts into the ladies at Day Care.  Although Sarah only has 3 or 4 main Carer’s there – the other ladies are often in the room she’s in (if anyone is sick or called away).  So I made a little box for each lady at the Day Care and filled them with Hand Creams, Lip Balms or Body Lotions. 

I had made these simple Triangle boxes a few years ago – but got the Tree and Reindeer decoration ideas from a couple of friends – who I think had seen them some where else.   The Santa ones are my addition to the range. 


3 Responses to Teacher Gifts

  1. Sarah Klass says:

    Chantell, these are amazing! What a gorgeous Christmas gift idea. I bet the ladies loved them!

    S x

  2. Susan Joyce says:

    Hi Chantell,
    These little boxes are delightful, very cute, might have to case them.

  3. Kim says:

    Very cool — these do look just like mine — tee hee hee — I love your Santa … I am so glad my reindeers and trees are all done and stuffed full …. I did not put antlers on mine so I might have to do that … Here are mine if you want to take a wee peek
    Hugs Kim

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