I’ve been Spoilt….

Ohhhhh I’ve got heaps of lovely mail in the last week or so.  Lucky aye?

I have a Secret Sister…..(well she’s not that Secret cause I know her).  She has sent me some lovely mail in last week or so and I thought I would show it to you.

But first let me Introduce you to my Secret Sister – Susan Joyce.  I first met (Cyber/Mail) Sue at the very beginning of the year when I was her Secret Sister.  Then we met in person for the first time when we went to the Canberra SU Convention in April.  We then found out that she was going to be my Secret Sister in the current Splitcoast Demo Secret Sister round – which was a bit of a laugh.  We caught up with each other again at Regionals in October…..here we are.

You can check out Sue’s blog here.

These are some of the lovely projects that I have received from Sue.

As I said….these are SOME of the lovely things Sue has sent me.  Aren’t they great.  Thank you Sue.  I will be sharing more next week.


One Response to I’ve been Spoilt….

  1. Nadine says:

    Wow what wonderful ideas

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