Quarterly Team Day

Last Saturday we held our Quarterly Team Day…..which was loads of fun. There was lots of chatting, laughing, chocolate eating…..Oh and Papercrafting too. It was also a great opportunity to catch up with the girls some of whom I have not seen in quite a while.

Each Team Day we take turns at providing projects for the rest of the Team. We do a Scrapbook Page, a 3D Item and a Technique Card.
Our 3D item was provided by Nicole. This is such a cool little box….the top of the box sort of squashes down to become the lid.

Our Scrapbook Page was provided by Amanda. It’s so lovely. When I got home I had a look through to see what photo’s I had to go with it. And this is what I chose. It’s a photo the Mum had sent me during the week and the colours were just perfect for this page.

We also did Swaps….with a Christmas themeDSC05156-1 This is by Rachel, she has used the Spritzer Tool on here which looks great.
DSC05155-1 By Nicole
DSC05154-1 By Sandi

DSC05153-1By Michelle…..Ohhhh I’m loving this Stamp Set!!

DSC05151-1By Tracey….cute!

DSC05150By Janice.   Loads and Loads of work in this card.  Just Beautiful.

DSC05149 By Narelle – love the colours.

DSC05148-1By Natalie

And for my Swap I decided I did not want to do a card so I did a little box with a Chocolate in it.



One Response to Quarterly Team Day

  1. janiceklass says:

    … sorry what was that issue you had with scrapbooking?!!??!! Look how beautifully you turned that A4 into a 12×12. I love it.

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