Happy Mail.

I’m quite lucky to receive a bit of Happy Mail from time to time. Here’s a couple of things I’ve received lately.

Firstly, I received this lovely card from Jacque. (Hi Jacque, Waving).

I used to attend Jacque’s Card Making Classes each week in NZ. And I loved them. Alot of the projects I have done in my classes have been inspired by Jacques work. And for me, becoming a Demonstrator was largely inspired by Jacque too.
Thank you for the lovely card Jacque and Yes – I will see you in Canberra.

I also received this chain from my SCS Secret Sister, who told me, she has one herself. It hangs over a lamp in her scrap-room to remind her to stay imaginative. It has butterfly wings inside it. Thank you SCS Big Sis.

I do monthly swaps with Kim & Nadine that bring me a good deal of Happy Mail too. In the last swap I did with Kim the theme was “Inspired by something around the house”

This is one of the projects that Kim sent. As you can see – it is inspired by her Clown Tea Pot. Cool aye? The spots are all shiny and raised up. It must have taken her hours to make.

Thank you Kim.

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